Autoclaving Rig


Plant Engineering Management


The photograph shows the trial erection of a pair of polymer deposition plants at a Manchester assembly facility. After pressure and temperature testing followed by process validation, the assemblies were stripped-down then shipped to Luxembourg - where they were installed and commissioned for a customer in Switzerland. For that project, we integrated our process plant design and construction activities with resident teams from the United States, Europe and the UK.

We supplement client resources to assure successful completion of stand-alone or integrated corporate developments. Plant documentation includes O&M Manuals, As-Built drawings and other technical writing services that might otherwise be a drag on completion times. See our Gallery Page for more results of Dove Thermal process plant design and teamwork.

Project Engineering

Our process plant design activities span environmental, chemical and mechanical frameworks, ensuring innovation and support across the whole breadth of a project's make-up. They provide the most effective and appropriate bases on which to centre estimating, feasibility and engineering design stages, through to realisation and commissioning. On-site, hands-on management support from Dove Thermal Engineering ensures accurate placement of project-critical resources. We will help plan, organise, source and manage your personnel & materials needs within a framework appropriate to your way of working. We can help move-along lagging programmes, and undertake all necessary on- and off-site operations for process plant design, plant refurbishment, dismantling and relocation, start-up and shut-down, and decommissioning or recommissioning projects.

Typical completions in the Process Plant Design :

Thermal Recuperation Plant for Commonwealth Aluminium
Scouring, milling and dyeing plant for Eversmart Express
Process plant for Northern Foods & Broadhurst Bakeries
Calendering services plant and equipment for IAC Group
Continuous casting process for British Alcan Aluminium
Offshore pipeline drying assets for Chorley Engineering
Relocation of Steam Boiler Plant for Finishing Solutions
Mineral milling and blending plant for Via Gellia Colours