Thermal Plant Design and Professional Engineering Services by Process Heat Transfer Specialists
Process Refrigeration, Warehouse Climate Control, Factory Air Conditioning & Chilled Water Plant
Biothermal Energy, Biomass Conditioning, Process Pipework Systems and Process Heat Recovery

Dove Thermal delivers engineered solutions and technical services in thermally-related fields.
We build packaged plant for stand-alone use or embedding within third-party installations.
Our primary expertise relates to thermal, environmental and fluid systems.

Piped Services and Steam Heating describes Dove Thermal's Steam Engineering, Ducted Systems and Pipework capability, supported by our Pipe & Duct, Process Heat Transfer and Plant Design resources. We consult in Thermal Plant and Renewable Energy Systems, and are available for Works Services Project Management contracts.

Professional Engineering Services covers our Expert Witness, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Forensic Engineering activities, for which we have undertaken civil and criminal inquiries in the UK, Europe and the United States. As consulting project engineers, we handle projects of up to £1m value - primarily for manufacturing plant and facilities installations. We hold the Design Council's award for Excellence in Design Engineering and Project Management.

Heating and Cooling Design outlines our Heat and Mass Transfer expertise in providing heat exchangers, vessels and reactors for batch and steady state conditions. We design and build tubular heat exchange equipment, solid state modules and liquid phase plants.

Environmental Systems workscope includes noise and vibration control, heat recovery, biothermal technologies and modular Balance of Plant concepts applied to power, chemical and environmental processes. Our experience of Biomass preparation plants for biofuel production is outlined, and options for wood waste conversion reviewed.

Refrigeration and Airconditioning details Dove Thermal's Low-Cost Ductless Systems for Chilled Warehouses and Food Distribution Centres. Our designs and products have been shown at international exhibitions and sold in high street stores throughout the country. We have built installations ranging from small quayside plants to full-fledged ice factories producing over 14 tonnes/day of cube ice for domestic consumption.