Engineering Design, Project Management
Forensic Engineering, ADR & Expert Witness
Innovation Assessment

Dove Thermal is committed to the standards set by our governing institutions and their celebrated alumni. We take our inspiration & standards from them, particularly:

For the Mechanical Engineers:
                                            George Stevenson, Charles Parsons, Henry Bessemer
For the Engineering Designers:
                                            Alex Moulton, Richard Walker, Bruce Archer
For the Heat Transfer Society:
                                            Geoffrey Hewitt, John Rose, Martin Gough

Innovation Assessment

An evaluation service advising on the technical and engineering integrity of new product or process proposals within our declared competencies. This time-saving facility analyses the design and production integrity of investment opportunities under consideration.

Engineering Design

Dove Thermal provides facilities and project support similar to those formerly available through the DTI's Manufacturing and Design Advisory Services. We received a Design Council award for “Consistent High Standards of Project Management and Design Capability” in recognition of our services to the profession. Our primary expertise is in thermal engineering and related topics.

Forensic Engineering

Whether acting under client instructions to investigate technical histories, or in support of civil and criminal proceedings, our findings are carefully supported by factual forensic evidence and a carefully documented reporting structure.

Project Management

Dove Thermal provides engineering support for production and services projects. While many instructions are directly concerned with plant building from start to finish, some are focussed on particular issues. In several instances, we have been adsorbed into management teams to resolve local difficulties affecting a project.

ADR & Expert Witness

We have an entirely successful history of expert witness and client representation. With a strong record in ADR, most of our cases are settled out-of-court to the satisfaction of all concerned. We provide outline first opinions without obligation.