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Packaged Balance of Plant Skid Mounts

Our pages on liquid phase HTF and hot oil heating plant give examples of packaged BoP skid mounts installed into confined areas within factory environments. The compact arrangement of balance of plant skids allows safe and secure operation of service equipment adjacent to attended manufacturing machinery.

Coolant Management Modules and General Process Applications

Probably applied initially to power generation & boiler plant, the concept extends to modularized test plant ancillaries, chemical process sidestreams and marine propulsion equipment. From a contractual viewpoint, a BoP skid mount service module places responsibility for the supply & commissioning of bought-in equipment with a single source, whilst in terms of project management, the component count of deliverables is much-reduced. Having regard to integrity of supply, the transport, storage and security of a single item is more readily arranged. They are widely employed in managing electromechanical BoP requirements and related applications. Dove Thermal has originated and developed a range of skid-mounted coolant management modules to optimize chiller ratings for variable load conditions and batch-continuous processing.

Power Generation

The isometric shows one of two Balance of Plant modules we designed for a packaged turbine generator. These skidsmounts brought together pumpsets and heat exchangers, oil & water tanks, and environmental control plant, with local panels, power inverters and prefabricated wiring looms. We have designed and built BoP Skids to package various types of chemical process sidestreams and electromechanical requirements.