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Special Heat Exchangers and Heat Transfer Equipment

Most proprietary equipment comprises either plate type or shell-and-tube heat exchangers. While process installations or OEM plant & machinery might typically incorporate selections from standardized ranges of heat transfer equipment, gas turbines, road vehicles and mass-produced appliances generally employ special heat exchangers of compact, lightweight construction designed to meet host equipment configurations. Vessels might be heated by dimpled jackets, thermal fluid calandria or immersed coils. Precision machined castings, laser-cut profiles, low-volume pressings are likely to be mechanical prerequisites for custom applications, while the thermal process design of shell and tube heat exchangers calls for considerable knowledge and experience.

Heating Plant Designers

Dove Thermal designs, builds and commissions process heating vessels equipped with HTF calandria, jacketed or externally-recirculated batch heating vessels for heating and tempering duty in chemical and food production processes. We have designed and built various types of biothermal energy plant for biomass conditioning and space heating application. Please also refer to our specialist page at Liquid Phase Heating & Hot Oil Heating Plant

Examples of Dove Thermal Process Heating Systems and Equipment:

Trent 900 environmental test support systems for Rolls-Royce Aerospace
Steam system design for Eversmart Express, Stowlin, Fibracan et al.
Variable concentration batch heating vessels for Banner Chemicals
Gas-fired baking oven heating module for Spooner-Vicars
Production line induction heating for Hughes Christensen
Thermal oxidiser recuperator for Stein Atkinson Stordy
Vapour phase HTF Heating Plant for Glaxo Smith Kline
Biothermal energy plant for Vantage Waste Processing
Test plant thermal fluid calandria for Cullum Detuners
Buffer storage process heating systems for HS Butyl
Thermal fluid heating system for Tiflex Limited
Process heating vessels for Tate & Lyle Sugars
Process heating plant for Alcan Aluminium UK
HTF Calandria for Tate & Lyle Special Sugars
Shell-and-tube heat exchangers for IAC