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Special-Purpose Chillers

GEC Alsthom needed to emulate domestic production at its Indian subsidiary. Temperatures could not be attained without refrigeration, and the process load was variable. A simple, easily maintained and compact design was prerequisite for the crowded factory floor, and the host process had to be accommodated with a high degree of accuracy. While the original custom chillers were built as shown in the photograph, we provided drawings and manuals for local production when further units were required.

Dove Thermal has designed various industry-specific special purpose chillers for third party manufacture. A major offshore contractor - Chorley Engineering - needed a transportable glycol chiller for rig operations. We designed a range of enclosed cradle semi-hermetic custom chillers for easy handling and low maintenance, which were then built at their Atherstone base. Following rigorous performance trials, this was established as the corporate design standard for similar machines.

While a small fridge plant might respond readily to varying loads, it becomes desirable to reconcile capacity and demand more economically as heat flows increase. For example, we build special purpose chillers incorporating baffled buffer tanks to serve applications cycling to several times their rating. By smoothing-out peaks and troughs between process load and machine rating, push-pull flow across one of our coolant management modules matches refrigeration capacity with system demand. It presents the chiller with a relatively constant load near to its design point, so that the machine runs at best available efficiency at a steady - but much smaller – loading.